Everything you need to know about me

My name is Sergey Faldin. I was born on April 3, 1998, in a gray city called Moscow, in a sad country called Russia. Perhaps that explains some of the melancholy in my DNA. 

I am 89% Slavic / Eastern European, 5% Jewish, 5% Polish, and the other 1% is broken into a weird mix between Asian and Native American (!). My great-grandmothers must have done some weird stuff. 

I had the good fortune of being raised bilingual: when I was 9, we moved to California, where I enjoyed the sun and ate papayas for two years, and then attended a business college on the East Coast. I don’t have a bachelor’s degree, but I’ve compensated for that by being an entrepreneur since I was 19 and publishing my first book at 21 (in Russian). 

Professionally, I’ve been Head of Content for a number of startups worldwide over the past few years, while also trying to start a number of businesses on the side and write books (both fiction and non-fiction). 

I’ve lived in five countries (Russia, Italy, US, UK, Georgia), got married in 2021, and ran three half-marathons. I am allergic to almost all fruit and house pets (even though I love animals). My favorite food is guacamole, hummus, and peanut butter. I am a vegetarian. 

I’ve been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and I like to occasionally enjoy a drink or two because it calms my mind. 

My favorite writers are Matt Haig, Neil Gaiman, Dan Brown, Ernest Hemingway, Isaac Asimov, and Chekhov (whom I have the great privilege of reading in Russian).  

My favorite music is Indie Britpop: Pulp, Oasis, Blur, Morrissey, Suede, as well as some new indie Russian songs. 

My motto is “live and let live.” 

My personal email is faldin.sergey@gmail.com (and here’s my LinkedIn as well, just in case). 

What cool stuff have you worked on in the past? 

  1. A video production company in Moscow. 
  2. self-published book (and YouTube channel) containing lessons from top-10 entrepreneurs of Russia and East Europe. 
  3. Head of Content for this startup, doing podcast interviews with companies like Payoneer. 
  4. Head of Content & CMO for this startup, being the Chief Editor of their blog and producing this podcast. 
  5. Became a top Medium writer in under six months. 
  6. Self-published several books on Amazon
If you’re interested in what I am doing right now, you might want to visit *this* page. 

Otherwise, simply enjoy a photo of me holding an eagle.