Calendars are great. 

The power of having a Google Calendar with dedicated chunks of time is that you actually get to do stuff that matters. 

Want to write a book? Dedicate 2 hours each day to write. 

Want to exercise more? Pick a time on your calendar and schedule an event. 

So on, so forth. 

The important part is to fight the urge to bail on doing what you had planned.

Tell yourself: “I was much smarter and wiser when I planned this. I am not in a position to decide anymore. My only job is to execute…”

Your calendar is not a prison. It’s a way of giving up responsibility. The decision has already been made by somebody else (the other version of you). 

Don’t think, do!

It’s like having your own boss. One day, you’re the boss and you give out tasks. And the next day, you’re your own employee and you are not in a position to restructure your schedule. 

This, of course, has exceptions. Like everything does. If you’re feeling unwell, you can call in sick. If you feel like you REALLY don’t want to do something, it’s more than fine to lie to your boss and tell him (or her) your cat has died and you need to make arrangements for its funeral. 

Still – calendars are great bullshit detectors. Calendars don’t lie. 

If something is not on there, it’s not a priority. 

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